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See the best Ljubljana's spots from the river boat ground walking and sky skyscraper point of view. We will explore some of the greats of Ljubljana's, history, architecture, monuments and sail through btc laikrodžiai beautiful scenic canal of the river Ljubljanica.

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We will sail with a beautiful licensed boat of Ljubljana official boat which is spacious enough to feel comfortable and safe. Btc centar liubliana boat is open which will give you the true feeling of being one with the river and its beautiful surroundings, but it can be closed with panoramic windows as it can be cold or a bit rainy this time of year.

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Blankets are there to keep you comfy and they serve wine, beer, soft drinks, tea, and coffee to keep the inner you warm. For the other part of the tour, we'll walk through the beautiful Baroque old town, Art-Nouveau new town, Town Hall, Dragon Bridge, Farmers Market, and of course experience life of the local people.

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Last but not least, we will visit old skyscraper with its remarkable architecture btc centar liubliana enjoy a panoramic view of Ljubljana from above the sky. Yes, I would love to show you my home town. Let's go for the extra s mile! Feel free to check my other tours. This is NOT a typical city tour full of boring data, history facts and rigid itinirary.

Yes, we will walk by the most important and interesting tourist attractions and of course make stops there, but we will also focuse on Ljubljana and its local life from today's point of view.

Do this tour if you want to get integrated into the local life and really get to know the city while having a great time!

This locally guided bike experience is carefully prepared in hopes to see, feel and taste Ljubljana in one perfect day.

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Experience this beautiful city through the eyes of local people, feel the culture, taste local food, learn the language, visit art exhibitions, old skyscraper, river canals, botanical gardens, etc. Btc centar liubliana Ljubljana like never before See the best of Ljubljana's main sights; Dragon Bridge, Market place, Town Hall, Roman Wall, Metelkova Art-center, whilst getting around and enjoying cycling through neighborhoods and local hidden spots.

Explore some of the greats of Ljubljana's, history, architecture, monuments and ride through the picturesque Tivoli park and feel the wind in your hair by the beautiful canals of river Ljubljanica.

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See it all You can simply relax in a small group as your local licensed tour guide will safely show you Ljubljana in the most fun and efficient possible way. We cycle to share our passion, culture, language, take photos, have fun and get an authentic feeling of the city. Let's go for the extra s mile together!

Then we can go for an optional break and a drink drink not included in the price before continuing exploring the beautiful Tivoli park with a few more surprises at the end bitcoin investicinė prekyba the tour.

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Make sure to take a look at my other available Ljubljana Tours! Other things to note Please try btc centar liubliana be at the starting location at least 5 minutes before the tour starts.

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Thank btc centar liubliana and see you there! Well, to be fair, Ljubljana is a bit like a magical city from a fairy tale.

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Explore this wonderful town with me and I will show you every magical moment and place that for me, as a local, is breathtaking even after all these years. Join me!

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Let's take a walk through the side streets, near the canals, and most important of all - make memories to last a lifetime. Other things to note Bitcoin sandorių pavyzdys a 2 hour tour, so make sure you're dressed comfortably.

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